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Check out our 2023 MarketReady Dairy Producer Training content below!

MarketReady Dairy Producer Training Core Session

This is our MarketReady Dairy Core Session! Dr. Tim Woods discusses the requirements and needs to be able to access the restaurant, school, grocery, and other wholesale markets. MarketReady Dairy addresses specific needs for value-added dairy products including both food and cosmetics made from cattle, sheep, and goat milk. It is very important for farmers to be prepared to meet the needs of their buyers -- so we are here to help with that. 

Advanced Topic: What Chefs Want/Creation Gardens

The MarketReady Dairy Producer Training Program had What Chef's Want/Creation Gardens on this video to discuss the delivery and logistics of value-added dairy products. Delivery of the product to the buyer's loading dock or to specified store locations is usually expected. In the case of value-added dairy products, some wholesalers and food distributors will arrange to pick up the product in their refrigerated trucks at the processing facility.

Advanced Topic: Kentucky & Tennessee Departments of Agriculture

The MarketReady Dairy Producer Program had the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) speak on all the opportunities they have for value-added dairy producers. Check it out! 

Advanced Topic: Risk Management and Insurance

The MarketReady Dairy Producer Training had John Harrison of Sweetwater Valley Farms on to talk about all things risk management and insurance of value-added dairy products and why it’s important. Buyers such as chefs, food service directors, retailers, etc. can vary in their exact requirements for insurance coverage. Potential farm vendors should communicate with prospective buyers about their policy in terms of insurance coverage. Carrying product liability insurance is a reality for producers marketing to restaurants, retailers, and larger food service institutions. The investment you make in insurance helps protect both your farm’s assets and the consumers that are buying your product. 

Advanced Topic: Quality Assurance and Packaging/Labeling

The MarketReady Dairy Producer Training team had Dr. Melissa Morgan of the Food Systems Innovation Center on to speak about all things quality assurance and packaging/labeling. If you're interested in learning about testing related to dairy products, see what information you can learn from Dr. Morgan. Quality assurance means the products meet the company specifications, comply with the appropriate USDA grading and standards, and are of good quality and condition. Packaging and labeling go hand in hand with quality assurance. Proper packaging is essential in order to allow safe and easy movement and storage of your products. Proper packaging also helps protect the integrity of your value-added dairy product and helps ensure the quality of each product.

Are you looking for Workshops & Trainings from our friends at other Universities!

The University of Tennessee hosted a Value-Added series for dairy called Assessing Value-Added Dairy Business Expansion Workshop SeriesCheck out the workshop videos here. Their topics include questions to consider when expanding, tools for analyzing feasibility and profitability, and so much more! 


Want to hear about experiences of selling value-added dairy from actual producers? Take a look at this webinar Penn State hosted all about Marketing Value-Added Dairy Foods to Grocery Stores.


Are you interested in starting your own creamery? Penn State has a Value-Added Dairy Foods short course that walks you through all the ins and outs of processing, marketing, pricing, and regulations. Please contact Shep Stearns for a FREE access code to the short course. 


Are you interested in building your brand or how to utilize social media? Check out the presentation slides from Amanda Kelly and the presentation slides from Sarah Cornelisse. Their tips and tricks sheets are located on the MarketReady Dairy homepage but you can find more details in the slides from their training sessions above.


Have you seen the University of Tennessee's Dair-ing to Learn video series? The Dair-ing To Learn Value-Added Webinar series aims to help direct farm marketers and value-added agriculture entrepreneurs analyze, develop, and grow their enterprises. While the program especially targets value-added dairy producers, all are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Are you looking for Grant & Loan Programs in Kentucky

Are you looking for grant & loan opportunities? Check out what Kentucky has to offer below...

Agricultural Processing Loan Program [APLP]

APLP is designed to provide loan opportunities to companies and individuals in Kentucky who are interested in adding value to Kentucky-grown agricultural commodities through further processing. Click the link here to learn more!


Small-Scale Farm Grant Program 

The Kentucky State University [KYSU] Center for the Sustainability of Farms and Families [CSFF] works to develop resources to provide assistance to small-scale farms. In partnership with the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund [KADF] and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board [KADB], KYSU is able to provide these grants. Click the link here to learn more!


USDA Value-Added Producer Grants [VAPG]

The Value-Added Producer Grant [VAPG] program helps agricultural producers enter value-added activities to generate new products, create and expand marketing opportunities, and increase producer income. A factsheet about the VAPG can be found here. To visit the USDA VAPG website, click here!