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Tips & Tricks for Selling to Grocery Stores

Below are two blog posts written by our friends at the University of Tennessee. They address selling to a grocery store and selling to chain stores vs. an independent store. Check them out via the links below.

1. Selling to Grocery as a Producer-Processor Dairy Farm: The Basics

2. Selling to Grocery as a Producer-Processor Dairy Farm:  Chain Stores vs. Individual or Independent Stores


Here, is another great resource from our friends at Penn State. This recorded Zoom webinar addresses marketing value-added dairy products to grocery stores. Watch it via the link below. 

1. Marketing Value-Added Dairy Foods to Grocery Stores: Webinar

Introduction to Value Added Dairy

Value Added Dairy Marketing video with Sarah Cornelisse from Penn State. 

Quotes from those who know!

Critchfield Meats & Family Market

Critchfield Meats and Family Market are in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. Serving the community since 1969, they know a lot about the value of local. Starting as an old-fashioned butcher shop and then transitioning to a full-service grocery store, Critchfield has it all. “Butch” to many of the customers started Critchfield on the values of putting the customer needs first and how to select and cut the finest meats. With a wall full of local products and many scattered throughout the store, you can’t go to Critchfield and not see the huge impact they have on our local producers. Critchfield Meats and Family Market are located at 398 Southland Drive Lexington, KY 40503. 

Click on the image to hear Critchfield's local marketing tips!

Locals food hub & pizza pub

Locals Food Hub & Pizza Pub is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, and promotes 100% use of local Kentucky products! Having a small grocery store and restaurant located in their shop makes them the go-to place for a tasty meal and meaningful shopping experience. Anything you can buy at Locals is produced in Kentucky and helps support producers across the state as well as the local economy. Locals Food Hub & Pizza Pub has a mission with three main goals:

1. To increase community access to locally produced, nutrient-rich, delicious food.

2. To increase the access of local farmers to consistent and viable local markets.

3. To create a gathering space where our community & visitors can come together around local food. Locals Food Hub & Pizza Pub is located at 863 Wilkinson Blvd Frankfort, KY 40601.