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Headshot of Savannah Columbia
407 Charles E. Barnhart, Lexington, KY 40546
(859) 218-4383

Savannah is a Program Associate for MarketReady and an Agricultural Extension Associate in the University's Department of Agricultural Economics.


B.S. - Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky.

She is currently pursuing her M.S. in the same field. 

Savannah is a University of Kentucky Alumna with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and a minor in Sustainable Agriculture. She is an Agricultural Extension Associate in the Agricultural Economics Department at the University of Kentucky. 

Her work is in specialty crop marketing and local food systems. She works with farmers on marketing strategies, exploring and establishing new markets, and diversifying their operations. She works with all kinds of growers, from vegetables to cut flowers! She is a Center for Crop Diversification team member, and collaborates with groups such as the Kentucky Horticulture Council and the Kentucky Center for Ag & Rural Development. She has spent 7+ years working with community-supported agriculture operations and local food production systems. Before joining the Agricultural Economics Department, she was the Assistant Director of Farm Services for AgTech Scientific LLC, a 38-acre automated greenhouse that specialized in hemp and annual flower production in Paris, Kentucky. Something Savannah would like to do more of is on-farm photography. She says, "Agriculture is SO beautiful and I wish I had the chance to photograph it more!"